The Eyes

The eyes were very curious. They always wanted to know what was happening.

They became much bigger if it was something really interesting.

«What do we see?!» — the eyes thought. They sent a signal to the voice

and the voice was surprised: «What do I see?!»

«Please be quiet! We are so tired of it!» — the ears whispered.

But the eyes didn’t listen to anybody. They lived their own life.

When they were tired, they were closed and, after having rested, they opened.

«Hey! There is a new day!» — the eyes were happy to see the face of their owner in themirror.It was a young woman and her eyes loved her. She felt the same about her eyes and tried to make them even more beautiful. Eye pencil, shadows, mascara…

Every morning her eyes had the same procedure.

«We are so beautiful!» — the eyes thought when caught admiring glances.

When they saw someone handsome, they made attractive expressions and then

waited for comments to follow.

«Your eyes are like deep blue lakes. I can almost sink into them» — the eyes have become accustomed to those compliments.

They were falling in love with themselves.

«We’re so tired… — they thought when the girl was going to bed. — Tomorrow is a new day, new impressions, new compliments…»

The eyes were slowly closing, reading the book, sending a signal to the brain.

«This book is very boring» — thought the girl, starting to dream.

She continued to see many interesting things, even with her eyes closed.

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Hope Silver (Nadezhda Serebrennikova)
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